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President Trump fired the US Navy chief for violating the order

Washington: Donald Trump has fired US Navy Chief Richard Spencer for refusing to comply with a controversial presidential decision.

According to the international news organization, Richard Spencer, the head of the US Navy, has been removed from his post for opposing unnecessary interference in military affairs and obstructing the president’s controversial decision.

An order has been issued by the US Ministry of Defense to dismiss the Naval Chief. The disagreement between the US Navy chief and President Trump was over the termination of the sentence of Navy Commando Edward, the head of the Special Operations Force, who was found guilty in a military trial.

Edward Gallaher, a US Navy commando and head of special operations forces stationed in Iraq, captured a wounded ISIS fighter for surrendering, but instead of arresting him, the US commando killed the fighter with a sharp knife.

After killing the fighter, the American commandos also took photographs standing over his dead body, in which the commandos made a victory sign. The US Navy conducted a military trial of Commando Edward on this initiative.

In July, Commando Edward was acquitted by a military court for the extrajudicial killing of a fighter, but he was demoted for taking pictures with a dead body, which President Trump revoked with a stroke of the pen and reinstated the commando. was done

Chief of the US Navy, Richard Spencer, severely criticized President Trump’s decision, calling it an attack on military discipline and court trial. Richard Spencer also called on President Trump to reverse the decision.

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