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FRIENDS 21 EVENING 2022, SEMIFINALS / Direct, finalists Sissi and Michele. Dario in crisis

Amici 2022 evening ed.21 direct semifinal episode 7 May 2022

“You don’t grow up just doing compliments!”blurts out the Celentano after seeing Dario at work, the protagonist of a performance not up to par. Also there Peparini ignites and does not send them to tell the colleague, triggering yet another controversy of the episode. Tones turned on in this semifinal of Amicithinks about it Emanuele Filiberto to restore calm after Dario bursts into a liberating cry. “You’ll do it great but I have to rate Michele“Says the prince. “Also fuori from here there will be other people who will not believe in you, so just listen to the right people!“, The encouraging opinion of De Martino. Even his point, however, goes to Michele. The Celentano stable dancer is officially the second finalist of Amici. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Celentano “threatens” De Martino

Zerbi-Celentano in challenge with Pettinelli-Peparini ad Amici. On the track there are Dario and Michele, who takes the point and makes his teacher, Alessandra, smile. The latter charges Michele’s ‘his of hers’ to challenge Serena. Michele dances to the notes of Marco Mengoni’s Hola, while Serena performs in a piece that pays homage to Italian cinema. Raimondo Todaro does not want to have a controversy with Alessandra and warns her: “Let’s leave these guys alone this evening. This is the semifinal! ”.

After the performance the ball passes to the judges, with Stefano De Martino decisive for the umpteenth time. The professor ‘threatens’ him: “See you at home…”. But the Neapolitan dancer does not let himself be influenced and votes for Serena. Celentano is very perplexed and she doesn’t hide it, then she throws the gauntlet between Michele and Dario. The dance heat continues in this unpredictable semifinal! (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Sissi is the first finalist of Amici

Sissi, Albe and Luigi open the first heat of Friends evening. The judges express themselves: Stefano De Martino’s vote is decisive for the second time out of two. Sissi is once again the favorite. The team led by Cuccarini-Todaro lines up again Sissi against Luigi. Sissi proposes his version of ABBA’s Dancing Queen, while Luigi his version of Bebe’s Malo, embellished with his monologue on the theme of the song, namely violence against women. The Judges they choose Luigi. New challenge, this time between White and Alex.

Stash senses Albe’s growth and compliments him, but the point goes to Alex. Emanuele Filiberto as well. Therefore the name of the first finalist is hidden between Alex and Sissthe. Who will be? Sissi and Alex play the jersey for the first access in the final to Amici. At the end of the heat it is Sissi who rejoices and exults: it is in fact the first official finalist of the program. We move on to the new heat, that of the dance. In challenge there are Michele, Serena, Dario. Immediately in challenge Michele and Dario, who will win? (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Sunrises at risk

Quick digs between the professors of Amici, con Rudy Zerbi handing some gifts to her colleagues. In the teacher’s crosshairs there is above all the colleague Anna Pettinelli, “Who shoot the poses on social media”. For her he has prepared a frame containing a photo in which Rudy extends his leg. Amici’s semifinal has finally begun and fans can’t wait to see the first challenges. The first phase of the program, however, is monopolized by the good Rudy, who enjoys teasing Pettinelli. For the seven competitors the greetings of the presenter arrive in view of the semifinal: “Good luck all to you!”, he says briefly. To then explain that a finalist will be announced at the end of each heat. The first to perform are the singers: in challenge Luigi, Albe and Sissi. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Amici 21 Evening 2022, semi-final previews: who will be the five finalists?

During semi-final of Amici 21 there will also be space for very important topics. According to the advances of Amici News, among the performances that we will see this evening on stage there will be one anticipated by a monologue. Luigi has decided to talk about a very strong and delicate theme: violence against women. Before singing ‘Malo’, a Spanish song that has just this as its theme, Rudy Zerbi’s pupil will do a short monologue with his point of view on the issue.

A test that will touch the jury and those present. We remind you that even during the semi-final of Amici 2022 there will be guests: the final part of the program will in fact see the performance of Marco Mengoni on his latest single, all after having known the names of all five finalists. (Update by Anna Montesano)

Albe and Luigi in comparison

There is tension between the teams of Friends 2022 now you have reached the eighth episode of the evening. It is time for the semifinal for the seven students left in the competition, who are playing for a place in the final next week. The feat will not be easy for some, especially as they will have to deal with some criticism over the course of the evening. This is the case of Albe, already often questioned during the evening. The singer of Anna Pettinelli’s team will be confronted with Luigi tonight, but he will have to deal with an outcome that will not make him happy.

The advances, in fact, reveal that Luigi will be the third finalist tonight and that Albe will lose for two consecutive heats against the other singers still in the race, risking to be permanently eliminated. (Update by Anna Montesano)

Dario at risk of elimination?

Who will the finalists of the evening of Amici 21? There is no more time to waste for the students of Maria De Filippi’s talent show which is back on the air today to decree the five finalists who will compete for the victory on Sunday 15 May live. To decree the names of the finalists will not be the public, but the jury as it happened with all the eliminated from the previous episodes. Among the competitors still in the competition, there are also dancers Michele, Serena and Dario. The public, however, is convinced that all three will not be able to snatch the ticket for the grand final. Who, then, risks the most?

For the web, Michele will fly directly to the final while Serena, a pupil of Raimondo Todaro and Dario, a pupil of Veronica Peparini, could compete for a place. Between the two, the fans of the talent show focus on Serena as a finalist having repeatedly obtained the approval of the jury. Will she really go like this? (Updated by Stella Dibenedetto).

Amici 21 Evening 2022, semi-final previews: who will go home?

It’s semifinal time for the boys of Amici 21. We have reached the eighth episode of the evening that anticipates the final which will be broadcast live next week. Today, May 7, the five finalists of Amici 2022 will be announced, who will play for the victory in the episode which, apparently, will not be broadcast on Saturday 14 May but on another day of the week. Maria De Filippi returns to the conduct of the talent in an episode that will give many twists. Alongside him, as always, the jury composed of Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino and Stash of The Kolors. To them the decisive task of choosing who will be able to continue the path towards the final and who will not.

Unlike the previous episodes, the semi-final of Amici 2022 will have a different development. All time be the handle but the first and third exclusively among singers, the second among dancers. A finalist will come out of each heat for a total of three. The four students who will remain outside they will compete in a ballot who will eventually announce the last two finalists.

The competitors and the challenges of the semi-final of Amici 2022

Having reached the semi-final of the evening of Amici 2022, how are the teams organized? Last week to leave the school of Amici 21 and the evening race was Nuncio, dancer of Raimondo Todaro’s team. To date the competitors of the evening Amici 2022 remaining in the race are: Alex (singer), Serena (dancer) and Sissi (singer) for the team of Lorella Cuccarini and Raimondo Todaro; Luigi (singer) and Michele (dancer) for the Amici 2022 team of Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano; Albe (singer) and Dario (dancer) for the team of Veronica Peparini and Anna Pettinelli. This time, two of them will have to leave school permanently, giving up the dream of winning the final of Amici 21: who will it be? (Click here to find out what happened in the registration of Amici 21)

Guests and new challenge between professors at the evening Amici 21

Not only challenges during the semi-final of Amici 2022. The tension between one heat and the other will be enlivened by funny moments, like yet another glove between professors. Zerbi and Celentano on the one hand and Cuccarini-Todaro on the other hand they will not miss the opportunity to conquer the center of the stage also in the eighth evening. From the previews we discover that Celentano and Zerbi will bring Renato Zero and the couple Al Bano and Romina Power on stage: will they be able to snatch a new victory? There will also be the entertaining Amici Senior column edited by Nino Frassi to ease the tension of the final ballot between the four remaining boys.


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