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Djokovic also wins Alcarass on his way to the final of the Madrid tennis tournament

Carlos Alcarass, a 19-year-old Spanish tennis player, became the first player to win his compatriot Rafael Nadal and Serbian Novak Djokovic in one clay tournament on Saturday in the ATP Masters series in Madrid.

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The Spaniard, who celebrated his 19th birthday on May 5, reached his secondATP Masters’ race final in five weeks and won their first victory over the world number one, beating Djokovic by 6-7 (5: 7), 7-5, 7-6 (7: 5).

Alcarass has celebrated seven victories over the world’s top ten tennis players this season on the ATP Tour, leading the way.

In the final on Sunday, he will play against Greek Stefan Cicip or champion Alexander Zverev of Germany.

The Alcarasa winning streak has already reached nine, including those won a triumph in Barcelona a few weeks ago.

He is the youngest player in 17 years to win the world’s first number.

Djokovic, who turns 35 this month, played one match, but Alcarass won after three hours and 35 minutes on the court.

In the quarterfinals, Alcarass beat Nadal, the world’s fourth-largest racket, who went on the field after treating a rib injury and was not in optimal sports form, with 6-2, 1-6, 6-3.

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