French Cup: why Elliot Grandin is not in the JS Saint-Pierroise group – Foot – Coupe


Already complicated by the particularities of the Reunion Championship, which takes place over the calendar year, the preparation for this sixteenth round of the Coupe de France experienced a new twist on Friday. Within the framework of the competition rules, each club can only line up on the match sheet a maximum of six “transferred” players. However, recruits who arrived at Saint-Pierroise at the start of 2019 are still considered transferred even if they have already played a full season under the colors of the JSSP. These are Dabo, M. Tseng-Thon, V. Tseng-Thon, Damour, Hubert, Souevamanien, Ousseni and Grandin, the former pro attacker. With three of the four new recruits after the 32nd finals against Niort (Zaaouar, Acapandie and Guichard [*]), so there are eleven players transferred to the JS Saint-Pierroise workforce. After receiving a reminder of this point of regulation by the FFF, Friday, the leaders of the Reunion club therefore had to make a cruel choice by removing five players for administrative reasons. Of which Grandin …


(*) Voavy, which benefits from a federal contract, is not included in this count.



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