PSG – Bayern: incidents around the Parc des Princes – Foot – C1 – PSG

Following incidents between supporters and the police at the time of kickoff, the place between the Jean-Bouin stadium and the Auteuil stand was vacated. Some supporters tried to force the barriers, positioned 50 meters from the stadium. The police responded with tear gas grenades causing a crowd movement. The many supporters who had come to […]

Strasbourg internship in Évian for nine days – Foot – L1 – Strasbourg

Until Monday, the day that Racing resumed, Strasbourg’s preparation program still included many unknowns. Thierry Laurey raised several during a press conference. “We are going on a 9-day internship in Évian (from July 20 to 29), because it was felt that it might not be necessary to go abroad. We also had a choice with […]