French Cup. A derby trap for Grenoble

In view of the first federal round of the women’s French Cup, this Sunday the GF38 moves to the Valence field, training for Regional 1. An opponent not to be taken lightly for Nicolas Delépine’s team.

As competition resumes, D2F enter the Coupe de France this weekend against Olympique Valence. It’s a team that the women of Grenoble know well having faced them in a warm-up match, winning 5-2.

Nicolas Delépine distrusts Valence, at the head of his group, and that he shouldn’t be taken lightly. Confident players like Sabah Shaiek who told us during his interview that they would do anything to win the game.

In the past, the Coupe de France has often smiled at the Iséroises. There is a strong euphoria surrounding this event, which sometimes allows small teams to shine, so beware of the trap.

For this match, the Grenoble coach will be without his goalkeeper Kateryna Boklach and striker Maria Almasri.

The group : Tissino, Wasner, Pilot, Domenjoud, Larrivee, Decilap, Fabre, Michelland, Grandjean-Beylot, Renault, Ben Hadj, De Jesus, Chabrier, Froment, Shaiek

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