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In the Russian elite there is talk of new candidates for the presidency of the Russian Federation, said Dmitry Vasilyev.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin could lose his post following the “transit of power” organized by the FSB or after the “bloody Russian revolt”.

This opinion was expressed by a political expert Dmitry Vasiliev On TSN Youtube channels.

According to the expert, the FSB talks about the transit of power:

“From all the public information we have, in fact, the FSB is trying to change something, but it leaves the system built on the foundations and all the constructs of the special services unchanged. As far as we hear and understand they are talking about making a power transit and appointing someone from them. There are many candidates out there, both public and those we may not know about. “

As Vasiliev observed, “there are businessmen, oligarchs who also understand that they have to do something”.

“I think they are trying to collaborate with the information and provide or offer some of their services. We have heard a lot about Abramovich, even from confirmed sources,” he recalled.

According to the political scientist, the liberal forces will certainly not change the situation in Russia, “but there are forces that are shifting from liberal to more or less radical “.

“Same “Freedom of Russia” Legion People are ready to take up arms. People are ready to do something within the Russian Federation, realizing that the only way to change it is by force of arms. These are key scenarios. But I don’t remember who often repeats this phrase with us – the bullet that will fly will be Chechnya, and Chechnya will be the first to surrender“Vasiliev said.

At the same time, the expert is convinced of this The Russians “will do nothing alone”.

“The people can only” make their legs “, that is, run away. Instead of 700,000 people going out into all the squares and demolishing power, they are running away. This is the Russian people, a different mentality. It can be used at some point to make a bloody ruthless Russian rebellion, not a revolution. The people can act as a tool, but some forces from above will guide them, “he said.

Earlier, Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky claimed that Vladimir Putin’s closest ally, Yuri Kovalchuk, had developed a plan removal of the Russian leader from power.

In turn, military expert Alexander Musienko explained why Vladimir Putin he talks more and more about the threat of the collapse of the Russian Federation.

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