Free Tickets Whatsapp Scam or Short Links Scam

  • The fraud is that for a modest price of € 2.90 you can get two flights

We all received a e-mail or SMS from a bank or a service company or similar in which they tell us that we have won the latest model of ‘smartphone’, a trip, a car … and we are asked to verify personal data, bank details or passwords.

At first sight they appear to be trustworthy emails or messagesbut in reality they are fake web pages that mimic real pages.

In some cases, imitators ask citizens they are trying to deceive to send them a picture of a Bank account balance where the recipient appears as the owner, as well as a Identity photo on both sides, a way to facilitate identity theft of potential victims.

tempting offer

In the case of the scam that concerns us, that of Iberiathe offer is tempting: they tell you the airline give away flights or draw a limited number of tickets at a ridiculous price. The fact is that this is a feasible offer, because it is not the first time that a transport company has made a similar real offer, like the recent case of Ouigo, which just over a month ago launched train tickets. at high speed for 9 euros.

When you enter the link, it is called ‘‘, they ask you several questions with multiple answers: age, how do you rate the airline … but in no case do they ask you for data. That is why it is easy for the person to bite and remain confident.

Ridiculous payment of 2.90 euros

In the end they put you on a table with about 16 squares who have one gift drawn and three opportunities to win a prize. To give more credibility to the deception, the first box you open puts the usual “There is no reward, keep trying”. To the second yes: you have a reward and you have received two plane tickets. Completely free. To get it, you have to forward the link to five contacts, and then five more … so the scammers make sure they continue the chain. Finally, the last step: you have to you pay 2.90 euros for the management.

Surely many of those who have come this far realize in this last passage of the cheated. But isn’t he a? ridiculous price for such an attractive premium?

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Taking into account that each person forwards the message to a minimum of 15 or 20 peopleIt is easy for scammers to get € 5.8 (the payment of two people) in each ‘game’, so in no time they can get € 46.4.

The fraud has already reached the airline which, through its social networks, warns it and reminds that “all our draws, contests and promotions are always published exclusively on and Iberia profiles on social networks “.

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