Free pulse oximeters and vaccines from family doctors: the news

Free pulse oximeters in pharmacies and a vaccination platform available to family doctors. The news in the fight against the virus.

While the first phase of the vaccination campaign that has given priority to health care is still underway, i family doctors have expressed their willingness to collaborate with the government.

Being, in fact, in the front row for vaccines, they could from March vaccinate the population at risk, identified above all in the over 80 group, but still there seems to be no official information on the organization for this second phase.

The collaboration of family doctors could be invaluable in terms of the number of daily vaccinations.

Another novelty for people with diseases of the respiratory system is the distribution of free pulse oximeters in Italian pharmacies.

Family doctors can make a great contribution to vaccines

Family doctors would be helped by an algorithm present on one platform that is already active, which identifies among all patients those who are most at risk for Covid19 disease, on the basis of pathologies and clinical history. On the same platform, then, citizens could book for the vaccine and receive booking confirmation with date and time. A procedure that would help a lot in relieving the pressure of hospitals and reducing the timing of vaccinations. According to the government calendar, for the end of the summer over two thirds of the Italian population she should already be vaccinated.

This is the premise from which both the institutions, which have requested their availability, and the president of the FIMMG, the Italian Federation of General Practitioners, start.

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But it also depends on the type of vaccines used for the second phase: that of Pzifer has a feature that could be a limit, i.e. it must be kept at one temperature of -80 °, in particular refrigerators that are not found in doctors’ offices.

The vaccine of Modern, on the other hand, the other manufacturer chosen by Italy, can be kept in normal refrigerators and therefore it would also be within the reach of family doctors’ studies.

For now, the various hypotheses are being examined both for the choice of the points where the vaccinations will be made, and for the type of vaccine and the organization that will be adopted when the vaccination campaign will expand to the entire population.


In the meantime, many regions seem to already have clear ideas and are already discussing with family doctors to find agreements. In Lombardy, Marche, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Basilicata decisions may be made shortly on the matter, but government directives are still expected.

The pulse oximeters available from today in pharmacies

Meanwhile, from today in 1200 pharmacies Italians will be distributed free of charge pulse oximeters to all people considered at risk, or who have a person with respiratory diseases in their family, a condition that can create complications if they contract Covid19.

This initiative stems from the collaboration between Federfarma and the president of the Italian Society of Pneumology, precisely to try to prevent the complications of Covid19 and therefore ensure that patients are treated early and do not require hospitalization.

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Luca Richeldi, president of pulmonologists and member of the CTS, spoke about the objective of this campaign, which arises from the need to make this instrument known to the population. The oximeter, in fact, is able to measure the oxygenation of the blood and in recent months it has proved to be a valuable tool for prevention. Distributing them for free is also a way to raise awareness of use. Citizens can independently check the oxygenation of the blood, if the result on the display is less than 92%, they must contact the treating doctor because they may need hospitalization.

According to Richeldi, this tool should now be present in all homes “almost as if it were a second thermometer“. The aim is to complete the distribution in selected pharmacies within a couple of months.


We will see in the coming months what decisions will be made and the results that will be obtained. the common hope is that the vaccination campaign will bear fruit and, in addition to eradicating the virus, bring back a condition of normality and serenity for everyone, especially for people at risk.

Free pulse oximeters online platform for doctors

What do you unimamme think of these proposals and the initiatives adopted?

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