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Frankfurt Tourism Sees Record-Breaking Numbers in 2023, Second Strongest Year Ever

Frankfurt. In 2023, 10,351,226 overnight stays and 5,971,651 overnight guests were registered in Frankfurt am Main. This corresponds to an increase of 20.3 or 25.8 percent compared to the previous year, making it the second strongest result of all time.

Until the start of the pandemic, Frankfurt was able to achieve better results in terms of guest and overnight stay numbers year after year. The Corona crisis interrupted these records. The year 2023 has finally set the course for success again.

In the domestic market, the figures rose to 3,867,859 guests (+ 22.7 percent) and 6,337,855 overnight stays (+ 17 percent). The share of the total overnight stay volume among domestic guests was 64.8 percent. The numbers are not only above the level before the pandemic (+4.5 percent in overnight stays compared to 2019), but also correspond to a new record number of domestic visitors. A significant increase was also recorded from the foreign source markets compared to the previous year: 4,013,371 (+26 percent) overnight stays and 2,103,792 (+31.7 percent) guests. Compared to the level before the pandemic, there is still a decrease of 15 percent in overnight stays. The share of the total overnight stay volume was 35.2 percent for guests from abroad.

The European source markets in particular achieved significant growth: Great Britain (265,299 overnight stays, + 29.9 percent) was ahead of the Netherlands (182,781 overnight stays, + 17.0 percent), Spain (170,292 overnight stays, + 5.7 percent) and Italy (169,814 Overnight stays, + 10.9 percent).

Of the total 1,960,742 overnight stays (+44.1 percent) from overseas, the USA continued to account for the largest contingent of guests with 693,140 overnight stays (+30.7 percent). Unlike before the pandemic, however, it was not followed by China, but by two European source markets: Great Britain and the Netherlands. China and Hong Kong (166,915, + 169.5 percent) achieved second place in terms of overnight stay volume among the overseas markets, ahead of the Arab Gulf states (150,131, + 18.9 percent) and Japan (98,822, + 85.8 percent). Significant growth is expected in the coming years, particularly from the Asian markets.

Frankfurt’s accommodation industry also recovered significantly faster than expected after the pandemic years and, in terms of bed availability, recorded a significant increase compared to the previous year and 2019 (64,042 beds, + 6 percent compared to 2022 and + 7.1 percent increased 2019). The number of accommodation establishments has increased by three establishments to 281 compared to 2022. However, compared to 2019, the number has fallen by 30 establishments. The average bed occupancy rate has risen to 44.3 percent (+ 5.3 percent compared to 2022). This corresponded to a room occupancy rate of around 63 percent. The average length of stay fell from 1.81 to 1.73 days.

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