Foreign Investment in Bulgarian Real Estate: Russians Sell as Dutch Lead

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The trend of the native property market is quite interesting, the Dutch invested the most in 2023.

Russians are left without their properties in Bulgaria, as instead of buying, they sell their properties here. This is according to the data of the Bulgarian National Bank. The trend started at the beginning of the war in Ukraine and continues until now.

For the first six months of this year, the net flow of foreign investment in real estate was negative in the amount of 6.1 million euros, including a negative flow of 7.3 million euros to Russia. For comparison, for the same period last year, investments in real estate were also negative in the amount of BGN 14 million.

The largest net positive flows of direct investments in the country for January – June 2023 are from the Netherlands (€508.9 million), Austria (€231.5 million) and Belgium (€203 million), and the largest net negative flows – to Italy (EUR 73.7 million) and Romania (EUR 44.4 million), the BNB also reports.

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