For the group “Instruments” a new beautifully strange song – Music

The group “Instruments” offers listeners a new song “Beautifully Strange” created in the mood of winter, for which a video version has also been made.

The song “Beautifully Strange” is included in the digital album “Angels over Latvia” “Creating a Miracle”, which can be purchased on the project website, while donating funds to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The author of the music, Jānis Šipkēvics, tells about the song: “This year we have an extremely unusual winter – an everyday life full of complications and anxiety. But there are things that happen regardless of our will and news headlines. With the first Advent, nature surrounded us in the snow, the joy of waiting for Christmas began to shine in the eyes of children, and there is an unshakable hope in our hearts that next year will be a gift and a peaceful reward for endurance, faith and patience. Thanks to the fact that we can not only endure this time, but also help others – this is how this song came about. Thanks to Martha Pujat for the wonderful words. ”

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