For Diabetic Patients – Hossam Mowafi offers a prescription to maintain kidney health


Thursday 15 September 2022

Dr Hossam Mawafi, a critical cases professor at Kasr Al-Ainy Medical School, confirmed that the kidneys are one of the most vital organs affected by diabetes.

Mowafi said during his presentation of the “Sabahak Masri” program, broadcast on MBC Egypt, that the reason for the impact of diabetes on kidney health is due to disturbed blood sugar levels.

The intensive care professor added that high blood sugar leads to damage to the blood vessels that feed the kidneys and, with the lack or interruption of the flow of blood that carries oxygen to them, increases the risk of diabetic nephropathy.

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Mowafi warned diabetics not to take non-prescription medications, especially rheumatic medications, because their kidneys have a hard time flushing their waste from the body.

He pointed out that the misuse of drugs, particularly painkillers, is the cause of kidney failure in 50% of those affected in Egypt, calling for the need to give up this bad habit, to preserve kidney health.

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He concluded his speech by recommending that diabetic patients follow some guidelines to avoid kidney disease, in particular:

Blood glucose control.

Regulates blood pressure.

Maintaining the balance between cholesterol and fat in the blood.

– Follow a healthy diet.

Regular exercise every day, such as walking.

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