For 136 million tenge, the ex-boss and the one who gave him a bribe were fined in Semey

news-id-109251" style="display:inline;">85 million tenge fine must be paid by the ex-head of the employment department in Semey for the bribe he took from a local resident, reports.

The court delivered a verdict in the case of the ex-head of the department of employment, social programs and registration of acts of civil status in Semey. The case of receiving and giving a bribe under part 2 of article 366, part 2 of article 367 of the Criminal Code began to be considered in November 2022. Now the court No. 2 of Semey region of Abay considered this criminal case and delivered its verdict.

According to the press service of the court, citizen K., being the head of the Semey Department of Employment, Social Programs and Civil Status Registration, personally received a bribe in the amount of 1.7 million tenge from Yu. for actions within his official powers. It was about the unhindered transfer of funds for services rendered, namely the provision of a guaranteed social package for children from low-income families aged 1 to 6 years, as well as for general patronage.

During the court hearings, the guilt of the defendants was fully proved by the evidence collected in the case: the testimony of the defendants, the materials of operational measures and covert investigative actions, as well as the protocol of the personal search of the defendants.

“When sentencing, the court took into account mitigating and aggravating criminal liability and punishment. The court imposed a 50-fold fine in the amount of 85,500,000 tenge on the ex-head of the department of employment, social programs and registration of acts of civil status in Semey. Citizen Yu. was sentenced 30-fold a fine in the amount of 51,300,000 tenge,” the press service of Court No. 2 said.

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There is no civil suit in this case. The verdict has not entered into force.

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