Florin Opritescu, actor of ‘Sea of ​​plastic’, dies at 42

The actor Florín Opritescu has passed away at the age of 42, victim of a leukemia who was diagnosed in 2020. In July 2021, after a bone marrow and stem cell transplantation, Opritescu published a video on his social networks in which he informed his followers that he had been fighting the disease and was recovering. However, and unfortunately, the interpreter has not been able to win the battle.

Florin Opritescu in 'Sea of ​​Plastic'

Florin Opritescu in ‘Sea of ​​Plastic’

Romanian actor emigrated to Spain in 2000, at age 21, and began working as a cook, eventually opening his own restaurant. its recognition as an actor came as a result of his role in well-known Spanish series, What ‘Sea of ​​plastic’, ‘Serve and protect’, ‘Charon’, ‘She is your father’ or ‘Unit’, where he made his last appearance on the small screen.

In addition, the actor also embodied various characters in the world film. His first film appearance was in 2013’s “Leaving hotel romantic,” and his last in the hit Netflix feature film. Bajocero. Along the way, the public was able to enjoy him in productions such asTwo a la carte, “Escape plan, Sara’s notebook O Superagente Makey.

The memory of his companions

Several fellow professionals they wanted remind to Florin Opritescu after his death.Alain Hernandez, with whom he agreed in “Escape Plan” wrote on Twitter: “And the bad news continues … I can not believe it. Why? Great actor, great partner and wonderful person. I will always keep you in my memory, dear Florin. My condolences to all that precious family that you leave … Kisses wherever you go“.



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