Flanders will compensate companies for corona damage and losses

Those affected who can be helped in this way are entrepreneurs from the event sector, discotheque operators, festival hall operators, coach companies, landlords of large holiday apartments, youth hostels, travel agencies, cinemas and professionally run indoor sports clubs.

The support can be up to € 60,000 for large companies, but the aim is to control the disbursement and the subsequent use of the funds more precisely and more strictly. The sales losses to be reimbursed should have to be documented on the basis of VAT information and certificates from external bookkeeping.

This support, remuneration or credit can be provided if applicants can prove that they lost at least 60% revenue compared to 2019. The state authorities calculate retrospectively from November 20th and go until the end of the year.

Overall, the Flemish state government assumes that this new aid will amount to around € 25 million. On Monday, the Belgian federal government will also vote on possible support from affected companies and organizations.


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