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RESCUE: A rescue helicopter was needed to pick up the stranded fishermen in Trøndelag.

Eleven fishermen and a dog were caught on an island in Orkla south of Orkanger in Trøndelag due to high water levels. The fishermen had to be rescued by helicopter.


Less than 30 minutes ago

– They have been on a fishing trip, and then we have had heavy rain showers earlier today. The river has risen so fast that they have been taken to bed a little. The water level rose quickly, and they are trapped on an island out in the river, says operations manager Christopher White to VG.

There was too much current in the river for the fishermen to be picked up by boat, so they eventually had to be picked up by rescue helicopter.

The fishermen must have gotten out on the island with a car. At midnight, the police stated that the four cars were under water near the islet. It is unclear whether the cars can be salvaged.

Taken to bed

– This morning it was nice weather and low water level. Therefore, the fishermen drove out to the island across the river by car. Now the water level has risen so much that they are stuck, White says.

Everyone on the islet has been rescued and is unharmed. The rescue mission has ended, the police report at midnight.

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