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First Teaser Released for International Single “Nunew” with Paul Kim: Fans Anticipate New Hit

arrived! First Teaser for international single “Nunew” working with “Paul Kim”, fans prepare to hear the light.

Last September, the cutest young singer and actor “Nuniw Chawarin” Secretly lurking and flying to work on songs with “Paul Kim” (Paul Kim) Godfather of ballads and a talented songwriter in the South Korean industry.

Read more news: “Nuniw – Paul Kim” do a fashion photoshoot for “Marie Claire Korea” magazine. So handsome, I thought they were Korean idols.

Previously, “Nun New” had spoiled this piece of “Single Go International” with the media that “It will be a bright song as well. But not as bright as Nong Ae But it’s a very feel good song.”

Latest today(26 Feb. 2024) The first teaser of the single “Blooming Just For You” has been released in which “Nunyu” has had the opportunity to sing with “Paul Kim”.

Let me tell you that just the first intro comes up and you can smell the feel of a Korean song and it should be a song that is easy to listen to.The pictures are eye-catchingly beautiful and Korean productions never disappoint.

Along with releasing the beautiful voice of “Paul Kim” who sings the words “i’m blooming just for you”….so smooth to the ear, worthy of a genuine top model.

As for the hero of this MV, the young actor “Yoon Chan Young” stars alongside the beautiful heroine “Lee Jae-In” to act as well.

As for “Nuniw” himself, he should be equally excited. He tweeted a message saying…

“Blooming Just For You~ 1st teaser has arrived. Please wait to follow both photo and video until the song release date on March 5th. What should I call this little one? Kid Kong 1st Teaser


As for “Hia Si”, the number one support line also tweeted, “Very good, waiting to see the full figure. I’m going to Inter again. So cool. Wow. Bang. #Blooming1stTeaser.”

As for the fans themselves, get ready to wait to see the second Teaser because we will already hear the beautiful voice of “Nuniw” for the song “Blooming Just For You” with “Aem Atchariya”, the beloved songwriter. Nunew” is the one who made the melody. As for the lyrics, “Paul” Kim handled it himself.

We will be able to watch the MV for this song on March 5th on YouTube channels 1theK and DMD MUSIC. I believe that with quality work like this, fans will definitely prepare to shine.

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