Fire in the monkey house – all animals are dead

All that’s left is the skeleton of the building: the monkey house in the zoo in Krefeld has burned down completely. All the animals in it died. The fire could have been caused by fireworks.

The monkey house burned down on New Year’s Eve in Krefeld Zoo. All animals living there have been killed. “Our worst fears have become a reality. There are no surviving animals in the monkey house,” the zoo wrote on its Facebook page early Wednesday morning.

The directly adjacent gorilla enclosure was spared, as the zoo announced. The monkey house burned to the ground. The cause of the fire was still unclear at night. Fireworks, however, could have triggered the fire, as the WDR reported.

Firefighters put out the night

The fire brigade was still doing fire fighting at night. The city of Krefeld wanted to announce further information at a press conference later this Wednesday.

The zoo wrote: “An incredible tragedy hit us shortly after midnight.” The criminal police are investigating. The zoo is therefore closed on Wednesday. Numerous offers of help have already been received. “Please understand that we are still in shock and cannot say exactly whether and where we need help.”

According to the zoo, the monkey house was opened in 1975. The footprint of the greenhouse-style building was 2,000 square meters. At home were orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas, marmosets, epaulet fruit bats and birds. By 2020, the orangutans and chimpanzees should still have outdoor facilities.

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