Alsou is not taken to the “Blue Light”: the story from the show “Voice” is not forgotten on the “First Channel”

It seemed that many months had already passed since the scandal that occurred with the daughter of Alsou during the children’s Voice, but the singer still faces the consequences of her attempt to push her daughter on television. The singer was “forgotten” to call in the New Year show.

Footage of the upcoming Blue Light can be seen on the social networks of Nagiyev and Guzeeva, but reporters noticed that they are not Alsu, and no one mentions that the “disgraced” singer will participate in the New Year’s show on Channel One." type="image/webp">

Most likely, the channel’s management decided not to invite the artist, since the story with the fake votes on the “Voice” still worries the audience. Konstantin Ernst did not forgive the singer due to the fact that her attempt to pave her daughter the way with money became public knowledge, and Channel One had to pay large sums of money to all the participants in the final." type="image/webp">

Thanks to such fame, Alsou is now on the same level with Olga Buzova, who was also not allowed to shoot due to a quarrel with the Diva. It is worth noting that Svetlana Loboda will also not participate in the Blue Light, possibly due to the fact that it is also directly related to the scandal at the children’s Voice.

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