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Fire in an apartment building in Hamar – VG

BURNER: An apartment building in the center of Hamar was on fire on Wednesday.

Around 40 people were evacuated after a powerful fire in the center of Hamar.


– There is still a large development of smoke, but we have control on the spot, says 110 operator Stig Skandsberg to VG just after 02 o’clock.

– The building is completely damaged, the entire roof structure is destroyed. There is smoke and water damage to nearby buildings, he says.

The evacuees can not yet move back to their homes.

Emergency services responded to a fire in an apartment in the center of Hamar just after 11 pm on Wednesday.

– We have no control over the fire. There are a lot of resources on site, the duty manager at the 110 exchange Atle Røed told VG.

The fire brigade in the Inland wrote on Twitter that all persons must be evacuated.

The police later reported that there had been a fire in two apartments, no injuries had been reported and the police have so far not identified any cause for the fire.

A person who is registered at the address has not been accounted for, the police inform at 23.54.

– We do not have a complete overview of where the person is, but we have no information that the person is in the home. We are working to get hold of the person in question, says operations manager Per Solberg to VG.

Evacuation of nearby units and Hotel Astoria was initiated due to smoke, the police inform on Twitter.

Residents of the area were asked to close windows.

According to Røed, the fire started in the backyard. Then the flames spread to the ceiling. Police do not know the cause of the fire.

When VG spoke with operations manager Per Solberg at 00.40, no control has been reported.

– But the fire has not spread. Work is still being done to put it out.

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