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Fine Arts – From New York City to Winden am See

With a view to the 100th anniversary, artists dealt with the “image” of Burgenland. The competition jury recently awarded the Burgenland Prize for Fine Arts to, among others, the artist Christina Lag-Schröckenstein, who lives and works in Winden, for the triptych “Denk.mal”. The all-rounder talks to BVZ about the current situation for artists and cultural workers as well as their professional careers.

“I am very happy about this year’s award for fine arts, especially in these difficult times it is essential recognition, donation and confirmation for all efforts and efforts within such a long dry spell”, emphasizes the Wahl-Windenerin. In the meantime, she tries to concentrate a lot on her artistic work. Corona has not changed anything about her urge to create, “I sometimes burst with ideas, but can only implement everything one after the other”.

The award-winning work can be viewed in the gallery of the Cselley Mill Oslip until April 18th (by appointment).

Scribe, scribe

Christina Lag-Schröckenstein was born in Vienna in 1975, she met her husband during a one-year stay (study trip) in New York in 2010. Both worked as freelance artists, at that time still exclusively in the music sector. “I had studied jazz guitar and really wanted to work on my own in New York. My husband was born in Burgenland and we moved to his grandparents’ house on my return. I came to Winden straight from the airport in New York, which was a shock at first, especially because it was suddenly so quiet here, ”says the mother of two now.

Gradually, through the silence, the visual arts have dug their way back to the surface. As a child she wanted to be a painter. “My grandfather Franz Hagenauer was a well-known artist, I definitely didn’t want to have any advantage through it. So I first decided to study music, ”said the 45-year-old.

In order to be able to implement her projects well, she then completed a photography training, painting courses and a certificate course in cultural management. “At the moment I am working a lot with photography and installation objects. In this field of tension between sound, image and space, I have created my artistic niche. “

More information on https://lagschroeckenstein.com or Instagram: lagschroeckenst

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