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AIDS rapid screening. (Image/Dazhi/Associated Press)

There is still no vaccine to prevent AIDS. The results of an AIDS vaccine trial in Africa were announced early, but the results were disappointing. Because the vaccine is ineffective in preventing HIV, the trial has now been stopped.

The study, described as a last-ditch effort led by African researchers and supported by many European scientists, is testing two experimental HIV vaccines and a new type of pre-exposure prophylaxis, CNN reported. Sexually administered medication (PrEP). PrEPVacc leaders say that while they are not concerned about the safety of the vaccine, the vaccine is not effective at preventing HIV, so they have stopped the trial and will continue testing the oral version.

The failure of the experimental vaccine is undoubtedly a blow to the medical community. In fact, HIV vaccine trials began 36 years ago, but the medical community has experienced countless failures. Although the number of people infected with AIDS worldwide has decreased significantly since 1990, However, according to the latest data from the United Nations Program on AIDS, there are still 39 million people infected with AIDS around the world, 70% of the cases are in Africa, and more than half of the patients are women and girls.

According to the Guardian, the study was tested on 1,500 people in Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa in December 2020, aged 18 to 40, and the final results will be announced in 2024.

Lead researcher Professor Pontiano Kaleebu said that developing an effective vaccine to prevent HIV infection is “the number one goal in Africa” ​​and that they have made great progress in the HIV prevention journey, but there is still more to do. A new generation of vaccine methods and technologies leads them forward.

Eugene Ruzagira, director of trials at the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI), said he remains optimistic that a vaccine will one day be developed despite the current high hurdles.

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