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Amazon offers discounts to SNAP recipients

In the United States, the Hispanic market is one of the most active during the Christmas season. This was confirmed by an investigation carried out by Televisa-Univision and MediaPredict on this season’s purchases.

The study also shows, through various surveys, that Hispanic consumers are 30% more likely to include cultural traditions in their celebrations. Therefore, they are active buyers of food and gifts.

In fact, when it comes to food, this group buys much more than the general population. The truth is that Hispanics in the United States have gained more and more space thanks to their inclusion in local celebrations.

But it is also not a secret that Hispanic communities in North America (mostly immigrants) sometimes lack economic resources.

This is why Amazon has created a service to help families who have savings needs.

We are talking about the Amazon Access program, which makes it easy to obtain important discounts and provides qualified government assistance.

What is Amazon Access?

Amazon Access offers include grocery delivery to eligible people who are part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

In addition, it gives a 50% discount when you obtain a Prime membership, through Prime Access.

Likewise, on the Amazon Access page, customers can find information about programs such as accepting SNAP EBT payments and Prime Access. By the way, they can access all the benefits of Prime at half the cost of a normal subscription.

Finally, a press release states that Amazon was one of the first retailers to launch online food purchasing with SNAP coupons.

Therefore, this has made EBT SNAP acceptance available to those eligible throughout the country. This means that no matter where residents are in the United States, they can buy groceries on Amazon.com.

They can also make it from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market as long as this option is available.

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