Figures are rising too quickly: extra corona measures for regions with many infections

Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) cannot yet say what the measures are. “The plan was first to consult with the regions next Tuesday, but that consultation is now being brought forward”, De Jonge told RTL Nieuws.

“On Friday we will enter into consultations with the regions that turn orange and we will announce the package of measures.” In addition to the regions of Amsterdam-Amstelland, Rotterdam Rijnmond and Haaglanden, it probably concerns Kennemerland and Hollands-Midden.

Targeted measures

Today 1542 new infections have been reported. The highest number since large-scale testing. The figures are not going in the right direction and things are also going faster than expected, says De Jonge.

According to the minister, these are very specific measures. “We are increasingly seeing where the infections are and we will therefore take targeted measures. We see that the infections are mainly among young people, among students. The catering industry is also growing slightly more.”

The number of infections is rising particularly rapidly in the age category 20-29 years. It is very difficult to take measures for this specific group, because the group has a relatively large number of social contacts.

Earlier consultation

Last week, De Jonge said that the cabinet is consulting with Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague about possible additional measures against the spread of the corona virus. Regional or local measures must contain new trouble spots, De Jonge said at the time. That way there is no need for a second, national lockdown.

In an explanation, De Jonge then said that he and them looked at which additional steps are necessary and appropriate to prevent the spread. There would be continuous consultation with all security regions and certainly with these three.

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