Spring is expected after a cooler weekend, when the air warms up above +20 degrees – Weather – Apollo.lv

As previously reported, the air temperature in Zemgale rose to +27.3 degrees on Wednesday afternoon, and such a warm weather was registered for the first time in Latvia on September 16, according to the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center.

The previous highest air temperature observed in Latvia on September 16 was +26.3 degrees in 1964 in Daugavpils and in 1970 in Bauska.

+27.3 degrees was registered in Bauska on Wednesday, the second highest air temperature was +27.2 degrees in Stalgen, while in Dobele the air heated to +26.9 degrees, in Riga – to +26.6 degrees.

The record of the maximum air temperature on September 16 was also broken in Saldus, Stende, Mērsrags, Zvejniekciems, Skrīveri, Jēkabpils, Madona, Priekuli, Zosēni and Gulbene.

Throughout the country, except for the west coast of Kurzeme and the coast of North Vidzeme, the thermometer bar in the shade rose above +23 degrees. South, southwest wind speed in gusts reached 9-13 meters per second, in Ventspils port – 15 meters per second.

It has already been reported that the air temperature in Latvia will drop sharply on Thursday – both at night and during the day it is expected to be within +8 .. + 15 degrees. Sometimes it will rain, in some places – heavily.

In most parts of Latvia on Thursday, western, northwestern wind gusts of up to 17-22 meters per second are expected, but on the coasts of Vidzeme and North Kurzeme, northwest wind speeds in gusts will reach 24-28 meters per second.

The greatest wind damage is expected in Riga and the regions around the capital. Orange warning valid.

Friday night partly cloudy skies, light rain in places. Wind north, NW wind 4-14 m / s, gusts 11-17 m / s, on the coast up to 22 m / s. The minimum air temperature is +6 .. + 13 degrees.

On Friday, quite sunny weather, no precipitation is expected. Wind north, NW wind 3-10 m / s, gusts 10-16 m / s. Maximum air temperature +12 .. + 17 degrees.

Saturday Night Scattered Clouds. Wind around west, SW wind 1-7 m / s. Minimum air temperature +4 .. + 9 degrees, on the coast up to +14 degrees.

Saturday partly cloudy, light rain for some time. Wind around south 2-9 m / s. Maximum air temperature +15 .. + 19 degrees.


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