Skeleton T. Rex ‘Stan’ for record amount under the hammer | Abroad

The 188 bones of Stan’s skeleton were discovered and excavated near the American town of Buffalo, South Dakota in the late 1980s. The carnivore is about 67 million years old. At first it was mistaken for the less rare triceratops, but it soon turned out to be a T. Rex, of which only 50 have been discovered worldwide so far.

James Hyslop of the Christie’s auction company emphasizes the special thing about the auction: “Obtaining a T. Rex as complete as this one is a once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

The auction will take place on October 6 and bids are expected of between $ 6 and $ 8 million ($ 5 to $ 6.7 million). The record amount ever for a T. Rex is $ 8.4 million for Stan’s counterpart Sue, in 1997.

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