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Fighting for Life: A Family’s Journey with their Sick Infant on his First Birthday

Utah Infant Battles Bacterial Meningitis

Parents Fighting for Young Maverick’s Life

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RIVERTON — In a heartbreaking fight for survival, Maverick Carpenter, a Utah infant born with Soto syndrome, a rare genetic condition causing a weakened immune system, has been battling bacterial meningitis. Maverick’s parents, Cody and Ashley Carpenter, continue to cling to hope amidst the challenges their son has faced since his birth on Jan. 18, 2023.

Long Road with Unforeseen Challenges

Maverick’s young life has been plagued by frequent hospital stays due to his medical condition. However, the severity of the situation escalated on Jan. 11 when Maverick’s health deteriorated rapidly. Concerned for their son, Cody and Ashley took him to the emergency room, where doctors made the alarming diagnosis of type A bacterial meningitis. What followed was a desperate battle to save Maverick’s life as the infection spread to his brain.

A Fighting Spirit

Witnessing their son endure such extreme pain and suffering, the Carpenters feared the worst. Ashley Carpenter explained, “At this point seizures started, and Maverick was rushed to the ICU because he was not able to exhale on his own.” However, Maverick’s resilient spirit has shone through as he has fought against all odds.

A Family’s Journey to Parenthood

Ashley and Cody Carpenter’s path to parenthood hasn’t been easy. Ashley’s hormone insufficiency and Cody’s autoimmune disease necessitated fertility treatments and in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The couple experienced the heartbreak of losing two pregnancies before successfully giving birth to their now 2-year-old son. Unexpectedly, Ashley became pregnant with triplets again in 2022, and Maverick, the youngest of the three, entered the world alongside his siblings.

Hope in the Midst of Darkness

Maverick’s parents have remained steadfast in their optimism, even during the most challenging days. Despite several setbacks, including invasive surgical procedures and the onset of hearing loss, Maverick has shown progress and remarkable resilience. Ashley Carpenter proudly shared, “Honestly, Maverick is just a master of life, and he is so happy. He’s got a lot of mountains and then he just got another one added. He’s doing so much better.”

Supporting Maverick’s Journey

The road to recovery has been long, and Maverick continues to receive treatment in the hospital. The Carpenter family has been immensely grateful for the support they have received from their community and their loved ones. They have been helped by friends, neighbors, as well as the provision of meals and groceries. A GoFundMe campaign has also been set up to assist with their mounting medical expenses. The Carpenter family’s spirits have been uplifted by these gestures of kindness during this challenging time.


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