Fewer flights per week from Dresden Airport – IHK fears decoupling

According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, “there are even more indications that domestic German air traffic to and from Dresden should be completely discontinued”. IHK President Andreas Sperl called on the Saxon government to enter into a dialogue with the airlines “in order to avert lasting damage to the Free State as a whole and to the greater Dresden area in particular”. Lufthansa currently flies direct to Frankfurt around one or two times a day from both Dresden and Leipzig.

He is aware that flight costs are becoming more expensive for providers and that national and European rules are increasing due to the steadily decreasing CO2 cap of the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS), said Sperl. It could not be in the interests of the country to lose its importance as an aviation hub. “That is why we have to fight hard for pragmatic and quick solutions. It is about nothing more and nothing less than the question of how our business location will develop in the future,” explained Sperl.



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