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Feng Shaofeng, Tao Hong, Huang Jue’s new film “The Victim” releases a leading trailer for the ultimate crime feeling “expected”_TOM Star

Entertainment China News On January 5, the suspenseful crime movie “The Victim” directed by Xu Wei and He Wenchao, starring Feng Shaofeng, Tao Hong, and Huang Jue, released its leading trailer and concept poster today. In the first release of materials, the film crew boldly exposed a rainy night murder and used a concept poster to “expose” a large number of details of the film. The content is mysterious and predictable. The film won the Most Commercial Potential Award of Venture Capital at the 9th Beijing International Film Festival and will be released nationwide in 2021.

Ten years ago, police officer Yuan Wenshan (Feng Shaofeng) was ordered to come to Xiaocheng to crack a major child trafficking case. Before the case was detected, there was a murder case in Xiaocheng. Miss Guan Xiuying (played by Huang Mengying) was strangled to death opposite the Huangqueji restaurant. In his car, all the valuables were missing. This seems to be just an ordinary robbery and murder case. Yuan Wenshan must detect the case within 7 days of being in danger. Yuan Wenshan and his partner He Yuan (played by Su Xin) launched an investigation. At the time of the incident, Xiao Yazhen (played by Tao Hong) and Zheng Wei (played by Huang Jue), who signed a divorce agreement in Huangqueji, Li Hai (Tu Songyan), the foreman who negotiated the decoration, and the two lovers of the deceased. They insisted on their own words, and they all had proof of their alibi. Just as Yuan Wenshan targeted the mysterious gangster Xu Gang (Zhang Haiyu), the “murderer” accidentally fell from a high building to his death. At the same time, there was a serious traffic accident in the small town a few months ago. Yuan Wenshan, who has a keen sense of smell, realized that the three cases he thought were ordinary are weaving into an invisible web…

“The Victim” first exposure predicts the ultimate crime, “predictable”

In the pilot trailer, the film directly threw the “dry goods” to the audience, and the thrills were caught off guard. The deceased who fell in the downpour were completely unrecognizable, and various people involved in the case appeared one after another. In the voice-over, Feng Shaofeng’s Yuan Wenshan said to the “murderer”: “I never gave up my doubts about you, but I have never found your motive for killing.” The tight-paced preview makes people can’t help but stare at the murderer with breathlessness. True identity. The film presents an extreme sense of crime, which makes many fans shout “predictable”.

The concept poster and the trailer echo each other, and the rainy night murder is presented as a model. The barbed wire fences on both sides of the road formed layers of barriers. At the corner of the intersection, a family car collided with a motorcycle head-on, and the blood spread from under the injured person to the side of the road. The gray light pulled the road out a depth, with both hands. Independent of the picture, it seems that the puzzle is being manipulated, which makes one can’t help but guess whether the case happened by accident? Or artificial?

Feng Shaofeng, Tao Hong, Huang Jue, and starring in the Beijing Film Festival’s Most Commercial Potential Award works are beginning to appear true

The film is starred by Feng Shaofeng, Tao Hong, and Huang Jue. The film is directed by Xu Wei, the best film director of the Beijing Youth Film Festival, and He Wenchao, the director nominated for the Shanghai International Film Festival Asian Newcomer Award. As the potential work of the two new directors, the film is in the early stage of shooting. It won the Beijing International Film Festival Venture Capital’s Most Commercial Potential Award. The jury commented on the film: “The story is full of dramatic tension, the narrative structure is unique and ingenious, and at the same time it shows a strong emotional concentration. It is a type with very good commercial market potential. Film.” The film’s creator also revealed: “I hope that the audience can finally discover the subtle and complex emotions in the character’s heart through the constant reversal of the changing plot.”

Good crime movies often arouse the audience’s strong curiosity, allowing everyone to notice the deep emotions engraved behind the story while maintaining a high degree of tension. The film integrates suspense, reasoning, crime, and family affection elements. The plot is foreshadowed and reversed at all levels, leading the audience to fall into the puzzle step by step. It is believed that it will bring the audience a moving experience of watching the movie, which is a “Chinese crime “Pian” injects more fresh power.

The movie “The Victim” is directed by Xu Wei and He Wenchao, starring Feng Shaofeng, Tao Hong, Huang Jue, and starring Tu Songyan, Su Xin, Huang Mengying and Zhang Haiyu. The film is produced by Beijing Zhonghe Qiancheng Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Hengdian Film Co., Ltd., and will be released nationwide in 2021.

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