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According to news from the China Manned Space Engineering Office on the CCTV news client side, after the research and decision of the space station mission headquarters, three astronauts, Fei Junlong, Deng Qingming and Zhang Lu, will carry out the Shenzhou manned mission 15. Junlong was the commander.

Fei Junlong was one of the first Chinese astronauts. He once served as crewed mission commander of Shenzhou-6 and carried out the five-day mission with astronaut Nie Haisheng. It has been seventeen years since his last space trip with the Shenzhou 15 mission. In the past 17 years, Fei Junlong has always maintained a state of battle readiness at any time, and going into space is also the pursuit of him throughout the life.

On October 12, 2005, the Shenzhou-6 spacecraft was launched, which is my country’s second spacecraft carrying astronauts, and it is also my country’s first manned spacecraft to carry out the “multi-person spaceflight” mission. Astronauts Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng carried out a five-day space flight mission on Shenzhou-6, which is an important start of the second phase of the “three-phase” strategy of my country’s manned spaceflight project.

Shenzhou 15 Astronaut Fei Junlong: Looking back now, I was very excited when Shenzhou 6 flew, after all, this was my first space flight. When I look back on our land, I thought that this is a strong motherland, which can only be achieved with strong scientific and technological strength.

October 14, 2005 was the third day that the Shenzhou-6 crew entered space. Astronaut Fei Junlong slid onto his seat and did a slow somersault, while Nie Haisheng captured the video with a camera. Fei Junlong performed several backflips in a row and became the first Chinese man to somersault in space.

Shenzhou 15th Astronaut Fei Junlong: At that time, it was mainly combined with one of our experiments, but this action was thought of temporarily. On the one hand, I told my comrades-in-arms and scientific researchers who paid attention to us on the basis that our bodies are recovering well and we have adapted to life in space.

According to Fei Junlong, the 5-day space journey was too short, and he didn’t even have time to appreciate the beautiful scenery outside the porthole. This persistent belief also allows him to keep stringent requirements upon himself at all times.

Shenzhou 15th Astronaut Fei Junlong: Anyway, I’m getting old, but I think my condition should be maintained very well. A persistent and unchanging original intention, always wanting to go back and take a look. So I persisted for so many years including my fitness. I can say that my weight hasn’t changed from Shenzhou VI to now.

Since completing the Shenzhou 6 mission, Fei Junlong has always considered space as his goal, and was once selected as the backup crew for the Shenzhou 14 mission.

Shenzhou 15 Astronaut Fei Junlong: After passing through Shenzhou 6, including all subsequent flights, I trained according to the procedures. Basically, according to the standard of carrying out the task, every time it is done according to the task, according to the content and time of the topic. So the whole procedure, the whole process, the whole flight including the whole project has continued to this day, it must be said that I participated.

As commander again, Fei Junlong is also full of confidence to lead the crew to carry out the flight mission.

Shenzhou 15th Astronaut Fei Junlong: Through this period of training and mutual cooperation, we can say that we have reached the point where we can know what the other party thinks and needs through eyes and gestures, or that the other party wants me to help or support What is it.

After the Shenzhou 15 manned spacecraft is launched into orbit, it will be docked at the forward port of the core module of “Tianhe”, and the two astronauts of “Shenzhou 15” and “Shenzhou 14” will carry out the space “meeting” for the first time.

Shenzhou 15th astronaut Fei Junlong: It is an honor for us to be able to go into space for the country and the nation. Astronauts are just messengers carrying out missions. It doesn’t matter whether you have flown or not, you must complete this mission with first-time mindset.

(Original title: Fei Junlong, who has been in a state of readiness for 17 years and jumped into space, goes into space again)

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