The teenager confesses to the murder of the teenager

The police find the body in the bathroom

Teen Admits To Teen Murder — On Instagram!

Joshua C. is said to have murdered a previously unknown teenager.


What a blow! During a video call via social media platform Instagram, a 16-year-old told a friend that he had just killed someone. Worse yet, he even showed the dead girl’s bloody feet!

Pennsylvania: Joshua C. escaped from the police

Suspect Joshua C. also asked his girlfriend on Friday, Nov. 25 if she could help him dispose of the body. The girl did the only right thing. She informed her mother about her, that she called the police. Officers immediately went to the scene of the crime, a trailer park in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. There they saw a young man escape from a trailer.

In the trailer, the police actually found the body of a teenager. She was shot and killed on the bathroom floor. The crime scene showed signs that someone had tried to cover up the crime. Soon after, the police also managed to arrest the alleged killer, Joshua C. He was taken to a juvenile detention center with no possibility of bail.

The 16-year-old is now facing charges of murder and a crime cover-up.

Neighborhood shocked by bloody act at trailer park

As reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, among others, the police have not yet found a link between the perpetrator and the previously unknown victim. The other residents of the trailer park are shocked by the fact. A neighbor told CBS television, “I’ve lived in Bensalem all my life and I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a police van like this. I think it’s very rare.” Another neighbor reports how he experienced the situation and that he knows the perpetrator! “I heard a shot and I know what a shot sounds like. I opened the door and saw the boy running away. I had talked to him here on the dugout a few times before. He seemed to be having problems.”

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Meanwhile, Joshua C. maintains his innocence. It was an accident, he says. First he watched TV with the girl. Then he wanted to clean up his father’s safe and tidy ammunition. At that point came the shot. (aeon)

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