Indian mafia against the port project It attacked a police station, wounding 36 officers.

Press Agency BBC Protesters oppose billionaire Gotham Adani’s port construction project in the southern Indian state of Kerala. resulting in an attack on a police station in Tiruvananthapuram On the night of Sunday 27 November 2022 it resulted in a confrontation between the two sides. At least 36 officers were injured.

Kerala fishermen protest against Adani Ports and SDC Ltd’s $900 million Vizhinjam deep-sea multi-use port project. Dani, Asia’s richest man, has been in action for more than 100 days, with protests over the more peaceful until the weekend.

Many protesters say that the project has caused erosion of coastal areas. destroy their livelihoods and there are many who claim the resulting erosion has destroyed their homes. They had to live in temporary shelters, but Adani Ports denied the allegations and insisted they were following all environmental laws. and coastal erosion caused by global warming

last week the Kerala High Court ordered the protesters to obey the previous order. He told them to open the entrance to the dockyard, however, over the weekend protesters gathered to block Adani Ports’ cars at the dockyard. Causing the police to arrest some protesters

then Sunday evening Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the local police station. demand the release of those arrested before protesters stormed the station, leading to clashes with police. There was a wounded officer. Many protesters were also injured. and a number of police vehicles were damaged.

Adani Ports, India’s largest port operator An agreement was signed in 2015 for the construction of Viking Cham Port in the state capital of Kerala, with completion expected in 2019, which will make Viking Cham Port a gateway for international shipping of the state.India

However, construction was delayed after cyclones hit Kerala in 2017 and a shortage of building materials. As a result, the opening schedule of this port has been postponed to September 2023.

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