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Featherweight erased all traces of Nicki Nicole on their networks – 2024-02-23 22:39:54

The Mexican singer Featherweight and Argentina Nicki Nicole They are in the middle of controversy, after a video circulated of him walking hand in hand with another woman, even though he was in a relationship with the rapper.

On February 13, Nicole ended her relationship with him with a statement that she published on her social networks, from which she deleted all the photos they had together.

“Respect is a necessary part of love. What is loved, is respected. What is respected, is cared for. when they don’t take care of you and when there is no respect… I don’t stay there. I’m going from there. With great pain you know that I found out in the same way as you, thank you for the love you are sending me,†Nicki Nicole wrote, ending her romance with the singer.

Featherweight He has remained silent since then, he even continued to keep his photos with Nicki Nicole on his networks, which made people wonder if he did not accept the breakup. However, this Thursday the singer finally reacted with an act that shows his acceptance that he and the Argentine woman broke up.

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And although he has not said anything, Peso Pluma has already deleted all the photos in which he appeared with Nicole from his networks, which implies that there is no longer a trace of that romance that began almost in mid-2023.

Featherweight and his reputation as an infidel

After the video bomb Featherweight with another woman who was not his girlfriend Nicki Nicoleseveral versions emerged according to which the singer is an “infidel.”

One of those who spoke out was his ex, the presenter Dania Méndez, who said that “I broke up with him because he was unfaithful and hard-nosed.”

Subsequently, Argentine journalist Juan Etchegoyen, from the Radio Miter network, stated that Peso Pluma was unfaithful to Nicole on several occasions and that he even had a “modus operandi” to do so, since he supposedly contacted women through networks and He met with them on his travels for his artistic career.

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