“Favorable type” – Entertainment invites to concerts on Latvian stages


Probably the most positive Latvian group “Favorable type” invites to no less positive concerts “I haven’t seen you in a long time!”: On July 25, listeners are welcome in Valmiera, on August 1 – in Saldus, on August 7 – in Ikšķile, and on August 8 – in Alūksne. The stage.

Favorable type ”concerts are intended as a reunion with friends, relatives, neighbors and other fans of the group. “Live music, eye gazes, touches allowed with disinfected hands, conversations with the allowed distance and celebrating life together again, because -” I haven’t seen you in a long time “! The “favorable type” promises to follow all mathematical formulas, square roots and even the mystical number “pi”, “the representatives of the group promise.

The usual vocal-instrumental ensemble on stage, which includes Andris Freidenfelds (voice), Normunds Jakušonoks (voice, keys), Ģirts Lūsis (voice, guitar), Kaspars Tīmanis (voice, trombone), Oskars Ozoliņš (voice, trumpet), Kutepov (guitar), Pēteris Liepiņš (guitar), Haralds Stenclavs (keys) and Ainis Zavackis (drums). It is planned that the concerts will feature the band’s most popular and listener’s favorite hits, including “Aluminum Pig”, “Phrases”, “Cone Spruce Son”, “Naukšēni Disco”, “Pīrādziņs, come out!”, “Lai”, “Omnibuss” and many more. the others.

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