Hyundai’s first hydrogen truck on the road


Hyundai continues to show its commitment and advance towards hydrogen technology, used as vehicle power source. Today he announces that he has delivered the first 10 units of his new truck to Switzerland.

The House has long been betting on hydrogen, we had already seen it with the Nexo. A car born in 2018, the brand’s second generation of hydrogen vehicles, which boasts an autonomy of 666 kilometers (WLTP cycle) and a refueling time of only 5 minutes. A vehicle that represents a completely separate category. It comes out of the Hyundai Nexo exhaust only water vapor and while driving, the air from the external environment is purified, reaching 99.9% of the fine particles. The fuel cells, the electric motor, the battery and the hydrogen tanks work in synergy.

But let’s go back to talking about the new XCient Fuel Cell trucks, they will be delivered by the end of the year 50 in all. The company’s goal is to be able to bring 1,600 hydrogen units by 2025, it is part of the brand’s plan and its strategy aimed at reducing polluting emissions.

The new trucks Hyundai XCient Fuel Cell they are powered by a 190 kW fuel cell system which in turn powers an 350 kW / 3,400 Nm electric motor. The battery capacity for storing energy is 73.2 kWh. The truck also has 7 tanks which allow the overall storage of 32.09 kg of hydrogen. The autonomy, declared by the Hyundai house itself, is approx 400 kilometers with a full and guaranteed maximum speed of 85 km / h. It is a new means of transport designed and developed to meet the needs and demands of Swiss customers and the infrastructure for food in the country. To refuel the manufacturer has estimated times of approx 8-20 minutes.

Source: Hyundai Press Office

Hyundai retiene che fuel cell technology is very suitable for use on vehicles for freight transport, the advantage is that it offers one long autonomy and that the supply times are very short. The brand has not only created this model, but is already working on the development of a variant that is capable of reaching the very high range of over 1,000 kilometers and which will be destined for European and North American markets.

“XCient Fuel Cell is a current reality,” said In Cheol Lee, Hyundai Motor’s Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial Vehicle Division, “and not just a future project.” By launching this innovative vehicle on the market, ready to move on the road, Hyundai marks a very important step in history of commercial means and development of the hydrogen society.

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