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FAV Gaming Wins SFL 2023 Championship – Grand Final Highlights & Future of Street Fighter League

FAV gaming is doing great. Bonchan Luke can’t stop!

The home and away format will be used for the Grand Final as well, following the second stage of league matches and the playoffs. DetonatioN FocusMe, who won the playoffs, submits an order in advance as an away player, and FAV gaming, the home team, can decide who will play against it. After the first round, the home and away teams will be swapped and the match will take place again.

If you win one, you get 10 points, and in the general battle you get 20 points. In the playoffs, the goal point was set at 70 points, but in the Grand Final, this is set at 90 points, and there is a possibility that there will be as many as three rounds at the earliest and five rounds at the longest.

One of the points of interest will be how both teams will conquer FAV gaming’s ace, Bonchan’s Luke, and DetonatioN FocusMe’s strongest helper, Dee Jay. Both players were in top form in the SFL 2023 league match, so how they handle this situation is a very important factor.

And the answer was to come soon. In the first round, Dee Jay will be the general manager of DetonatioN FocusMe. In response to this, FAV gaming decided to have Bonchan Luke take on the general battle. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, the generals of both teams did not change at all, with FAV gaming’s Bonchan Luke and DetonatioN FocusMe’s Food Dee Jay always occupying the general position, and the reliability of both teams. I could feel the height of the sky.

DetonatioN FocusMe is 2nd in the league and has advanced through the playoffs. The members are Okuyori Food, John Takeuchi, Nauman, Itabashi Zangief, and FAV gaming, who finished first in the league and decided to advance to the grand finals. The members are Sako, Ryusei, Tokido, and Bonchan in action from the back.A competition table is set up in the center of the stage, with each team member waiting on both sides.

As for the match development, FAV gaming showed off its style as the champion. During the league, Ryusei’s JP, who was in great form along with Bonchan, won both the first round at home and the second round away, earning points, and Sako’s Chun-Li, who had been in a weak state during the league, also won. , earned points with no losses and no wins until the mid-level matches in the second round, and progressed through the match with an overwhelming 60-0 score so far.

At this point, Dee Jay, the strongest helper who can be said to be DetonatioN FocusMe’s trump card, is waiting for us. In the first round general battle, Bonchan Luke won 3-2 in a close battle with a full count and full round, but in the second round general battle, Fuudo Dee Jay’s reading was perfect. DetonatioN FocusMe won the match 3-0 and took their first points.

The 3rd round spearhead match came just as DetonatioN FocusMe was starting to show signs of a turnaround. Ryusei JP, who had been doing well so far, lost 2-1 to John Rashid Takeuchi after a fierce battle, and the next mid-major match looked like the tide was finally turning for DetonatioN FocusMe.He commented before the match, “The flow is getting worse. Sako’s Chun-Li, who declared, “I will stop this,” showed their tenacity against Naumanken, winning 2-0 and successfully breaking the bad trend.

Then came the third round of the general battle. This was the third ace showdown between Bonchan Luke and Food Dee Jay, who had 1 win and 1 loss so far, but Bonchan Luke made an amazing move and overwhelmed Food Dee Jay. They won 3-0 and decided the match.

With this victory of Bonchan, FAV gaming won by an overwhelming margin of 90-30 and won the SFL 2023 championship.

Bonchan has fulfilled his revenge from two years ago.Ryusei bursts with spirit after returning from hiatus

In her comments immediately after the match, Sako directly expressed her emotions, saying, “I’m really happy.” Regarding her poor performance during the league, she said, “I was worried that the way I was approaching it up to that point was wrong.I worried the rest of the team, but I’m glad that we were able to get a result in the end.” She looked relieved.

Tokido commented, “This time I was just watching.That’s why I was able to play a supporting role as much as possible.” When asked about the fact that he called out to Bonchan during the second-round general match, he said, “I told him to use the impact that was the decisive factor in the first match. However, he returned the impact…” , Bonchan talked about the impact return that was the decisive factor in his defeat in the second round general match, and Bonchan responded with a laugh, saying, “I did exactly what Tokido told me to do!”

Tokido also said, “Two years ago, when FAV gaming (team name at the time was “v6 plus FAV Rohto Z!”) won, Bonchan was not doing well, so it was his job to do it. “I was disappointed that I couldn’t help in important situations, but this time I was able to work after two years, and I’m glad that my thoughts back then have come to fruition,” he said, praising Bonchan’s achievements.

Ryusei said, “I felt that a player in my position had to win and leave a result.Since I chose JP, who is known as the strongest, when choosing a character this time, I felt pressured to win. It gave me motivation.” Regarding the fact that he was taking a break in 2022, he said, “It was really tough just watching the league for a year.However, it was a good experience because it made me reconsider what it means to be a professional gamer. “It was.”

Bonchan said, “It’s been a little over half a year since Street Fighter 6 was released, and I’m grateful to have been able to enjoy it.The feeling of having fun is stronger than the hard feeling.Two years ago, we won, but the team I had a strong feeling that I had won the championship, but this year I was able to perform well enough to say that I was the one to win, so I think this result is too good to be true.”

In addition, FAV gaming, which won the domestic championship, will participate in “STREET FIGHTER LEAGUE: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2023″, which will be held on February 25th, where league winning teams from other regions will gather to determine the best in the world. . Regarding this, Sako also commented on her aspirations for the world tournament, saying, “Now that I’m representing Japan, I have to become the best in the world, so I want to win the world tournament and do my best to be able to say I’m Japan’s strongest.”

FAV gaming wins SFL 2024. Team members running up to Bonchan and praising each other at the awards ceremony. The second place winner, DetonatioN FocusMe, received a prize of 2 million yen.The winner, FAV gaming, received a prize of 5 million yen, as well as additional prizes.

In a boxed interview for reporters held after the broadcast, a question was asked about Tokido, who was devoted to providing support from beginning to end. Regarding this, Tokido said, “I was in charge of Itabashi Zangief, but he didn’t appear during the away game, so he didn’t have a turn.” He also said, “Sako-san, there was a plan to replace Ryusei if he wasn’t doing well, but both of them were doing well and winning a lot of games, so it wasn’t his turn.”

When asked why he didn’t play in the away game, he said, “Bonchan was the general and Ryusei was evenly available, so we were talking about having either Sako or myself play, but Sako “He won, so I asked him to continue winning, but he was doing so well that he didn’t have a chance to play until the end.”

I think there was a possibility that all of DetonatioN FocusMe would come to Bonchan, the ace who was in charge of the general, but when asked about his strategy for that, Bonchan answered, “No matter what happens, the strategy is that I will always be the general.” “I was preparing countermeasures for everyone so that no matter who came, Zangief Itabashi won using Zangief in the preliminary rounds, so I also prepared countermeasures for Zangief.” It seemed to be in perfect condition.

Therefore, even when Bonchan lost the general match in the second round, the members said that they had confidence that he would be able to reconsider his moves next time and take countermeasures.

When asked about the fact that Tokido was filming the monitor while watching the game with his smartphone, Tokido replied, “Because I can’t watch the replay of the previous game on the spot, I record it so I can check the action right away.” “It was.” Apparently, he saw an American football player doing it and thought it was cool, so he tried it, but Bonchan said, “At first, when I was asked if I should take a picture, I said it was okay. “The moment I lost, I was able to take a quick look and check and reflect on myself right away, which led to me taking the lead in the third round,” he said of the effect.

SFL 2024 will be held in July. Three new teams join the competition, introducing a two-league system of six teams each.

To summarize SFL 2023, the game used has been changed to the new “Street Fighter 6” released on June 2, 2023, and the players’ new character choices have the impression that the bright and dark sides of each team are directly different. . Furthermore, for teams with players who changed their characters during the season, it can be said that the follow-up of that player affected the results.

In FAV gaming, sako and Bonchan established their own characters quite early on, and Tokido and Ryusei later changed their characters from Dee Jay to JP, but the character change It can be said that Ryusei didn’t play in the match for a while and was able to focus on finishing, which led to his good performance from the 2nd stage onwards.

There are teams where all team members have consistently used the same character from the 1st stage, but if the characters selected within the team are unbalanced, it becomes difficult to appear in the home and away format from the 2nd stage onwards. There is also a side to it. It can be said that FAV gaming had the best balance, and I felt that this good balance led to this victory.

After the awards ceremony, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, Capcom’s President, CEO, and Chief Operating Officer (COO), announced the decision to hold SFL 2024. The race started in July, and while the nine teams that participated this season will remain the same, three new teams will participate next season: “Crazy Raccoon”, “FUKUSHIMA IBUSHIGIN”, and “Yogibo REJECT”, and these 12 teams will be expanded to six teams. It was even announced that each league would be divided into two leagues, resulting in a two-league system.

Haruhiro Tsujimoto, Capcom President, President Executive Officer, and Chief Operating Officer (COO) The next SFL 2024 will begin in July, with three teams joining the competition, making a total of 12 teams, with six teams in two leagues.It’s fun to imagine how the leagues will be divided.

This announcement is something that really stirs up the imagination of fans. After all, FAV gaming is the winner this time, but since Tokido is a member of REJECT, it is extremely likely that he will participate in SFL 2024 as a member of Yogibo REJECT. Dogura also participated as a helper for CAG this season, but since he is currently a member of Crazy Raccoon, it is safe to say that there is a very high possibility that he will also participate with his own team.

In addition, it is good news for fans that FUKUSHIMA IBUSHIGIN, who has partnered with Saishunkan SOL Kumamoto and had Sasamo in the 1st Stage and Kabe in the 2nd Stage and Playoffs, has decided to participate alone this season. right. This is because Sho, who won the game tournament “Gamers8: THE LAND OF HEROES” held in Saudi Arabia, has a strong possibility of participating in the SFL.

Speaking of FUKUSHIMA IBUSHIGIN, Yanai, who participated in the league with Saishuunkan SOL Kumamoto in SFL 2021 two years ago, is also a member, and four members can participate individually in the team.

Another point to note is that as the number of teams increases, the number of players who can participate will also increase. When I watch the CPT qualifying tournament, I see many players who are active even though they are independents, such as Noble, AIAI, and daikoku, as well as Burning Core members such as Tachikawa, Kazunoko, and Otani, as well as Nari-kun, Kishiri, and Kichipa. , Yossan, Hikaru, and Hibiki, there are many professional athletes who belong to teams even if they do not participate as a team, and it is interesting to see that there will be more opportunities for these athletes to play an active role.

Keep an eye on future trends in the SFL, such as which teams will have which players and whether there will be tryouts or draft-like mechanisms like those seen in past SFL games.

CAPCOM CUP X is scheduled to be held in Hollywood, California, USA from February 17th to 26th, 2024. From Japan, Gachi-kun, Kawano, and Fudo have been confirmed to participate. I’m looking forward to SFL 2024 starting in July, but I can’t take my eyes off these tournaments in February.

It’s been half a year since the release of “Street Fighter 6”, but it’s still getting more exciting with a wider range of events being held than ever before, including the event at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and we’re looking forward to seeing more developments in the future.

Nanai, an e-sports caster who was in charge of the live commentary for the 1st Stage of SFL 2023, suddenly passed away from heart failure on August 9, 2023. At the end of the ending video, a message to Mr. Nainai appears, and there is sex. There was also a scene where Mr. and Mr. Earl called out to Mr. Nanai in the comments.There was a break time after each round, during which they had a chat with players from other teams who had come to watch the game. It is an event where you can feel the closeness of professional fighting gamers, as you can see them exchanging greetings. The photo shows Mr. Earl interacting with fans and Hameko providing commentary.Mr.


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