Fatih Terim was connected to the live broadcast: I was surprised, I forgot right now…

Fatih Terim, former coach of Galatasaray, was connected to the live broadcast.

Beyaz TV commentator Sinan Engin spoke on the phone with Fatih Terim on the live broadcast. Engin asked Fatih Terim how many trophies he won during his career.

Terim answered Sinan Engin’s question “I know I have 30-odd cups. I’m surprised how many I forgot in Galatasaray,” he replied, and the phone call ended after a short conversation.

Fatih Terim had won the Super League 8 times in his Galatasaray career. Terim also won 1 UEFA Cup, 3 Turkish Cups, 4 Turkish Super Cups and 3 TSYD cups.

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