Discover the winners of the Ondas Globales Podcast Awards

Last Wednesday, February 23, the winners of the first edition of the Global Waves Podcast Awards, to which 888 applications were presented. The delivery of the awards, however, will not take place until the special gala to be held on May 24.

There will be 19 prizes that will be awarded at the gala to be held at the Teatro del Soho CaixaBank in Malaga, in which those who have already been chosen will also be recognized Best Podcast of the Year: ‘Deforme Semanal Ideal Total’, by Lucía Lijtmaer and Isabel Calderón (Radio Primavera Sound), and ‘Stretching the gum’, by Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín (Podium Podcast).

The Ondas Globales Podcasts Awards seek to give visibility to the Spanish podcast industry and recognize the work of all its professionals. The winners have been selected from among 888 candidates from 15 countries. And it is that if there is something that cannot be denied, it is the popularity that this line-up has reached in recent years.

podcast awards

the winners

There are 15 categories but 19 awards, since four have been awarded ex aequo by the jury. A jury made up of a recognized group of experts from the world of audio, communication and advertising creativity from Spain and Latin America, which has also made four special mentions to as many other formats that will also have their space at the gala.

General prizes

‘Case 63’, the most listened to fiction on Spotify, has won the award for Best Fiction Podcast. With a fantastic script by Julio Rojas and produced by Emisor Podcasting and distributed by Spotify from Chile, it will soon be available in other languages, as its success has led to numerous versions and even an adaptation on Netflix.

Award-winning podcasts in the general categories

The award for Best Non-fiction Narrative Podcast, for its part, went ex aequo to ‘Transportista’ (Mexico) and ‘GAL: El trigono’ (Spain). While the first narrates, in a different way, the so-called war on drugs at an international level, the second goes through the entrails of one of the darkest episodes in the recent history of Spain.

Other winners in the general category have been ‘La Cruda’ (Best conversational podcast), ‘Hotel Jorge Juan’ and ‘Are you still there?’ (Best branded-podcast), ‘Solaris’ and ‘Tell them that my life was wonderful’ (Best experimental podcast), ‘L’écho du Bataclan’ (Best International podcast) and ‘Lokatza’ (Best podcast in co-official language:)

We have mentioned the general prizes, but there have been others specific awards that you will also like to discover. Among them, at Bezzia we have found many podcasts that we did not know about and that we would like to listen to.

  • Sound design: ‘The sphere’
  • Screenplay: ‘El sicario’ and ‘Uribe cornered’
  • Production: ‘War 3’ and ‘Toxicomanía’
  • Host: Marion Reimers – ‘Soccer to the Death’
  • Podcast actress/actor: Lolita Flores for ‘Jodídísimas’ an Audible production and Luis Zahera for ‘La Esfera’ a Podium Podcast production.
  • Episode: ‘Following the white thread, following the black thread’, first episode of the third season of ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ and 59 bullets of ‘The Rare Ones’.

special mentions

As we have already announced, the jury also made four special mentions grouped into two categories. The first correspond to revelation podcast award An ex aequo award for ‘Saludos cordiales’ by Pablo Juanera, a podcast that has photographed the history of sports radio during the years that defined it as we know it, and ‘What the girls want’, a work by Josefina Avale that talks about how in Buenos Aires, every day, girls between twelve and fifteen years old disappear.

special mentions

There have also been two mentions of the trajectory. For having become one of the leading podcasters in the world, placing mental health as a topic that connects us and of massive interest, Cebrían pier He has won the Ondas Special Podcast Award for his career. An award that he shares with the production company El Terrat, one of the first great audiovisual production companies that, as was written in its DNA, found an open creative window in the podcast.

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