Father Matthew McConaughey died while having sex

Matthew McConaughey’s father died while having sex. The actor tells this in his book Greenlights of which People already has a pre-publication. It was, according to Matthew, the death his father wanted.

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“He used to tell my brothers and me that if he died, it would happen while he was having sex with our mother,” writes the 50-year-old Oscar winner, known for films like The Wolf of Wall Street, Mud and The. Gentlemen. “I couldn’t believe my father had died when I heard about his death. Nothing or no one could get him down, I always thought. So only my mother. ”

In People Matthew also tells something about his own role as a father. “The only thing I ever wanted to become is a father,” he says. “That has always been my dream.”

Take pictures

Matthew and his wife, Brazilian model Camila Alves, have two sons and a daughter; 12-year-old Levi, 10-year-old Vida and his youngest son, Livingston, 8-year-old. The actor likes to see that they are very creative and can cope very well in the corona crisis. “They’ve taken up a few hobbies so they don’t have to get bored,” he explains.

One of those hobbies is photography. “They are a real production team,” says Matthew. “And they are very good at it.” That turns out, because the photos with the article that will appear next week of Matthew in People, were taken by his own kids.


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