Why should there be NFC behind the Poco X3 NFC?


JAKARTA – Introduced in Indonesia on Thursday (15/10), the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC is priced at an introductory price of Rp3,099,000 (6GB + 64GB) and Rp3,499,000 (8GB + 128GB) on the first sale of 22 October 2020. READ ALSO:Horror Tasty, Poco X3 NFC Flying on a Racing Drone!

In its price range, you could say that the Poco X3 NFC feature is the best. What’s interesting, why should there be the word “NFC” behind the Poco X3? Isn’t NFC a feature that many middle-class smartphones already have?

Xiaomi Indonesia Country Director Alvin Tse said there were two things to answer this question. First, apart from being more pleasant to mention, the word NFC on the Poco X3 NFC is to distinguish it from the Poco X3 in India which was introduced without NFC. “The Indonesian version is better,” said Alvin in the virtual preskon session.

The second reason, Alvin said that in the future NFC will become an even more important feature for middle-class mobile phones.

“We want to accelerate the adoption of the NFC feature again. Moreover, the NFC feature on the Poco X3 NFC is 33 percent faster than other cellphones in the market, ”the man who also serves as the boss of Poco Global.

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NFC Has Many Functions
Near-Field Communication (NFC) itself has many functions, and in the future there will also be more adoption.

First, for touchless payments, for example by holding your cellphone closer to the NFC reader at the restaurant cashier.


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