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Fatal Shooting in Bronx Subway Station Leaves One Person Dead – Developing News

A shooting that occurred early this Friday in a subway station in the Bronx left one person dead.

Preliminary information from the police indicates that the shooting occurred at 5:02 in the morning on the subway D line on the southbound platform.

There a man would have shot another.

The victim, a 45-year-old man, was taken to Saint Barnabas Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

So far there are no arrests.

Police also did not recover any firearms at the scene.

Until 6:45 in the morning, service at the station remained suspended.

The incident is still under investigation.

This is developing news

More incidents on the subway:


Obed Beltrán, the Mexican who died during a shooting on the subway, was described as a very hardworking and fighter man, who worked hard with the dream of building a new house for his family.


The 35-year-old man was the only fatal victim of a shooting that broke out on the platform of the Mount Eden station of the New York subway last Monday. Her wife revealed that he was talking to her on the phone at the time the tragedy occurred.


An alleged dispute led to the armed attack that left another five people injured.

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Obed emigrated to New York from his native Tehuacán, in the state of Puebla, with the hope of sending money to his family to improve their living conditions and to be able to build their own house and worked as a worker in the City.


“He was a worker in the construction industry, very loved within the work environment, because he was a man who fulfilled his work hours,” he described him. “He was always looking for overtime to have a little more dollars, save more and send more to his people,” said Mexican Consul in New York Jorge Islas, who said he interviewed his co-workers.


Obed used to send videos to his daughters and his wife with positive messages. “I love them. Nice day my princesses. Maybe they give your mom a kiss. “I love my three beautiful girls,” this father of the family commonly expressed.

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“Look forward to your first day of school, I love you very much, nice start to school,” he commented in another video shared by the family to Univision 41.


Samantha Arellano, his wife, described Beltrán Sánchez as a loving father who worked hard from New York with the dream of building a house for the family. “Very good dad, very good husband. An unconditional love from him to us and us to him. And that ends me because he went to work for them, for me, for us, for his family,” said his wife from Mexico.


Police released images of two teenagers suspected of firing 19 shots.

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So far none of those involved have been arrested. Police asked anyone with information to contact 188857PISTA.


Consul Islas assures that the New York authorities are committed to finding those responsible for the crime. “They have offered me that there will be no impunity and that there will be forcefulness with the full weight of the law,” he said.


Obed’s body will be repatriated to his native Tehuacán, in Puebla, where he will be buried.

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