Famously Haunted, Accidents Often Occur in This Road in Ciamis

Famous for the Haunted Road in Ciamis, Accidents Often Occur
Famous for being haunted, the Siliwangi road to Sindangkalangon, Sindanglaya Village, Sukamantri District, Ciamis Regency, West Java, has frequent accidents. Photo: Edji Darsono / HR

Berita Ciamis, (harapanrakyat, com),- Jalan Siliwangi menjuju Sindangkalangon, Desa Sindanglaya, Kecamatan Sukamantri, Ciamis Regency, West Java, is famous for being haunted.

The reason is, not a few road users who cross or pass this road often have accidents.

According to the story of the local community, the motorcyclists who fell, saw the appearance of an old woman crossing the road.

Omang, locals said, in the last week at the location, 3 days in a row there was an accident.

As in the community’s story, every motorcyclist who falls, mentions that the cause of the accident is avoiding the appearance of an old woman who suddenly crosses the road.

“Yes, every motorcyclist who fell said the same thing,” Omang told HR Online, Tuesday (6/4/2021).

With so many single accidents, people consider it a notoriously haunted road.

“The road is famous for being haunted. Because, if you look at the road access, it’s actually in good condition or hotmix. So it is impossible for accidents due to road conditions, “he said.

Furthermore, Omang said that there used to be a place around the road as a mortuary dump.

In fact, because the location is famous for its hauntings, local residents have also seen the appearance of a ghost called the kuntilanak.

“Regardless of whether it is true or not, God willing. What’s more, I’ve never seen it with my own eyes. Only the myth of the figures of grandmothers and kuntilanak in that location still exists today, “said Omang.

Meanwhile, Deni, one of the motorcyclists who had an accident at the location said, when the motorbike he was driving was traveling at high speed. However, suddenly there was a figure of an old woman crossing the street.

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Because he was afraid of crashing into the old women, the motorbike that Deni was driving tried to avoid it. However, he still couldn’t avoid accidents.

“The figure of the grandmother who crossed the road, then you can not see where she went,” he said. (Edji/R5/HR-Online)

Editor: Adi Karyanto

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