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Family of Victim Reveals Attempted Bribery to Seek Peace in Ronald Tannur Case

CNN Indonesia

Wednesday, 11 Oct 2023 21:10 IWST

Police carry out a reconstruction of the fatal abuse by the son of DPR RI member Gregorius Ronald Tannur (31) against the female victim with the initials DSA, Surabaya, Tuesday (10/10). (CNN Indonesia/Farid)

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia

The family of DSA (29) who is the victim persecution Until he died, Gregorius Ronald Tannur (31), admitted that he had received a bribe from the son of a member of the DPR RI.

The family claims that they were offered a certain amount of money to reconcile with the man who the police had named as a suspect in the murder case.

This was revealed by the victim’s younger brother, with the initials ERA. He said that on Tuesday (10/10) his house in Sukabumi, West Java, was visited by a person named Fauzi, who claimed to be someone sent by Ronald’s father, Edward Tannur.

“Yes come our house, then want to give compensation [tapi] without the knowledge of our attorney. [Dia bilang] “don’t let anyone know that Ronald’s family has come to the house,” said ERA, via video received CNNIndonesia.comWednesday (11/10).

Likewise, the victim’s lawyer, Dimas Yemahura, confirmed that someone named Fauzi visited his client’s family’s house who claimed to be an intermediary for the suspect’s father.

“Telling people to come here [rumah keluarga korban di Sukabumi]ask for an account [keluarga] the victim for reasons of not letting the legal authorities find out. “That really hurts the ongoing legal process,” he said.

However, said Dimas, the victim’s family rejected the offer. They don’t want the gift because there is a requirement that they have to withdraw the report or make peace.

“We reject all forms of giving, whether it is compensation, whether it is compensation money, which is intended to intervene in the ongoing legal process,” said Dimas.

“This means that if you want to provide compensation, provide compassion, then provide compensation without the frills of peace, withdrawal of the case and so on,” he added.

Dimas also regretted that this could happen. According to him, it is not appropriate for a public official to order people to do things outside the scope of the law.

Therefore, said Dimas, his party will take legal action to report these people. The same applies, he continued, to the suspect’s father if it is proven that he ordered his subordinates to intervene in the victim’s family.

“And our legal team will take further steps against these individuals. And if it is proven that the official did this, then we will also carry out further legal proceedings,” he said.

Meanwhile, another member of the victim’s family, Kiki, admitted that he would reject whatever the suspect offered. They just want Ronald to be punished as fairly as possible.

“As someone who loves Dini, I strongly reject anything from the suspect’s family and I want the suspect to be punished as severely and fairly as possible. We, the family, will never revoke or reconcile with the suspect,” said Kiki.

CNNIndonesia.com has contacted the suspect’s lawyer, Lisa Rahmat, to confirm the statement from the victim’s family and lawyer. However, when contacted, the person concerned was reluctant to comment.

Previously, a member of the DPR RI from the PKB faction, Edward Tannur, promised not to intervene in the legal process against his son, Gregorius Ronald Tannur (31), who was suspected of assaulting a woman with the initials DSA (29) to death.

“I did not intervene, as a religious person, as a law-abiding person, I want everything to go according to the applicable regulations,” said Edward when met at a cafe in the Sukomanunggal area, Surabaya, Tuesday (10/10).

Edward also rejected all accusations or suspicions that had developed in the public regarding his intervention with the police.

“And I don’t want tomorrow if something comes up again saying Mr. Edward was like this [melakukan intervensi], I don’t want to. “My principle is that it’s better for me to be in trouble than to be happy because of other people’s suffering,” he said.

Edward also wants his son’s case to be investigated thoroughly. He asked Ronald to dare to take responsibility for his actions in accordance with applicable legal procedures.

In this case, Ronald was charged with murder, namely Article 338 of the Criminal Code, subsidiary to Article 351 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code.


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