Fadli Zon Asks Detachment 88 to be Disbanded, Police Headquarters Responds Firmly

Head of the Public Information Section (Penum) of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Headquarters Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan. Photo: Dean Pahrevi/JPNN.com

jpnn.com, JAKARTAPolice Headquarters gave a firm response to DPR member Fadli Zon who asked Densus 88 Anti-terror to be disbanded.

The Head of the General Information Section of the National Police, Commissioner Ahmad Ramadhan, stated that: Densus 88 Anti-terror continues to carry out their duties as usual according to the rules.

“The National Police in this case Densus 88 continue to work in accordance with their main duties, namely eradicating terrorism and carrying out deradicalization. We will not budge (keep quiet, ed),” said Head of the National Police’s Public Relations Division, Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan, Monday (11/10).

According to him, Densus 88 Anti-terror is an organization under Police whose task is to prevent and enforce the law against terrorism.

He explained that since the beginning Detachment 88 has taken many preventive actions, law enforcement, against terrorism.

This includes deradicalization of terrorism convicts.

“Thanks to the deradicalization of the Gunung Sindur prison, several convicts have sworn allegiance to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Ramadhan.

Apart from that, he continued, there were many other attempts and succeeded in making the convict realize that his actions had been wrong all this time.

Fadli Zon asked the Police Anti-terror Detachment 88 to be disbanded. Police Headquarters responded firmly to Fadli Zon’s idea.

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