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Factory construction in Brandenburg: Tesla approves purchase contract for property

The local population protested, there may still be unexploded bombs from the Second World War in the ground, and yet Tesla is signing the purchase agreement for a property in Brandenburg. Factory construction takes on concrete forms. The country will receive almost 40 million euros for this – for now.

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla is moving to Grünheide in Brandenburg. As state government spokesman Florian Engels announced in Potsdam, the Tesla board approved the purchase agreement on Saturday for the acquisition of the 300 hectare site. The state parliament’s finance committee had already approved the deal on January 9.

State finance minister Katrin Lange from the SPD, forest minister Axel Vogel from the Greens and economics minister Jörg Steinbach, also SPD, are “very pleased that there is now a green light from California”, the state chancellery said. The seller of the property near the ring road east of Berlin is the Brandenburg state forestry company.

According to the announcement, the purchase price is provisionally EUR 40.91 million. This is the property value determined internally by the expert. However, the contracting parties mutually agreed to have a second external report prepared.

Do Not Enter

According to the State Chancellery, the final purchase price will then be adjusted to the result of this second report, provided that a different property value is determined. There had been discussions about the amount of the price because it is less per square meter than other areas intended for commercial use.

The area designated as an industrial area is currently being examined for weapons from the Second World War. There are suspected US duds. The municipality of Grünheide therefore banned entry. The designation of the forest area as an industrial area took place several years ago when the location of a new BMW plant had been considered. However, this never happened.

Tesla plans to start production in Grünheide in the middle of next year, initially producing 150,000 electric vehicles a year. This is primarily about the compact SUV model Y. Later, the annual production could increase to 500,000 vehicles of the model Y and model 3. This could create around 8,000 jobs in the medium term.

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