Facebook’s smart glasses created controversy: Official statement requested

Facebook introduced its smart glasses yesterday together with EssilorLuxotica, the umbrella organization of Italian eyewear company Ray-Ban. However, this glasses developed by the company caused controversy between Italy and Ireland.

Italian Data Security Authority, Garante, requested an official statement about the glasses, where smart glasses users can listen to music, make phone calls, take videos and photos and share them on Facebook through applications.

spokesmanGarante has started to investigate whether this product developed in Italy complies with the laws on privacy and data security. Guarantee, “Since Facebook’s European headquarters are in Ireland, data security authorities in Ireland were contacted. Facebook was asked to provide information on this” it was said.

Italian officials said they are asking questions about whether Facebook has taken a step towards not viewing people, especially underage children. The authorities also emphasized that it was not specified how the data collected from these glasses would be stored, and demanded that they be disclosed.

Facebook, on the other hand, responded to these statements of the Italian authorities with a jet speed. In the statement, “We know that people have questions about new technologies before developing Ray-Ban Stories. So we talked to the Irish authorities about how we added privacy and data security to the design and functionality of the product. We will answer Garante’s questions through the Irish authorities and we look forward to working with the European regulatory bodies as well.” expression was used.


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