It’s over, Ewa Farne’s husband announced. The singer respects it

Ewa Farne’s husband, who you may remember as a SuperStar juror, surprised the fans with an unexpected decision. After 12 long years, Martin Chobot leaves the band, thanks to which he met the love of his life. The singer has already assured everyone that their relationship will not affect it.

Ewa Farna is left without a husband. But fortunately only at his concerts. Martin Chobot, who played guitar for 12 years in her backing band, decided to move on professionally.

“After a long decision, I came to the conclusion that at the end of the year I would end my work in the band. I feel that in those 12 years I gave the band what I could and it gave me the most important thing – my family,” informed Chobot fans via instagram Farne, because he himself does not have a social network. It was in the band that the couple, who is raising their two-year-old son Arthur, got together.

According to his trunk, he needs a change. “Somewhere along the way, however, I lost the joy of touring a bit and I think it’s important to find it in me again so that I can sincerely enjoy my presence on stage again. Thank you very much for the opportunity to play in this band and for your favor,” he added.

But fans don’t have to worry about Ewa and Martin’s marriage. They strictly separate private and professional life.I add that I fully respect the fact that my husband made this decision and I will continue to stand by him,“the singer assured her.

Chobot is supported by people on social networks. “Congratulations on such a bold decision! It must have taken a lot of courage to admit something like that and decide accordingly. Martin will definitely be a conscious man,” Hanka wrote.

Recall how Ewa Farna judged in SuperStar 2013:



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