Facebook sees increase in posts promoting violence

(Bloomberg) – Facebook Inc., said a growing number of users are posting images using violent or inflammatory language to promote gatherings in different parts of the country over the next week, echoing police warnings that it could have another attack similar to last week’s riot at the United States Capitol.

A Facebook spokeswoman said the social network is tracking “dozens” of posts promoting events on January 17, 18 and 20, the date of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. The company is eliminating them through image recognition technology. Much of the content that calls for meetings in Washington and elsewhere has been flagged to Facebook by a group of partner organizations that track terrorism and cybercrime.

“We are working with experts in global terrorism and cyber intelligence to identify incitements and remove harmful content that could lead to further violence,” the spokeswoman said. “We continue these efforts and are working with the police to avoid direct threats to public safety.”

Facebook has blocked “more than 250 white supremacist groups” from their services and is currently working on “suspending users who spread conspiracy theories associated with QAnon and other militia groups so that they stop organizing on our platform,” he said. .

After a group of agitators supporting the president, Donald Trump, stormed the US Capitol on January 6, Facebook suspended the president’s account for fear his rhetoric could lead to more violent acts. This week, Operations Director Sheryl Sandberg said the riots had been “largely staged” on other platforms.

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