Fabrizio Corona: “For his 18 years I give my son Carlos a family”

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For the first time since his release from prison, Corona talks about himself in an interview on the pages of Chi. “The last time I was in prison, from March to December last year, it was the most difficult of my whole life because my son, who had already faced psychological problems related to me and his mother, had a real collapse, “he explained. For this reason he wanted to spend a special day, all three finally together. “With Nina I had already reassembled the family two years ago, when I brought Carlos back to her and got her back to joint custody. Now that we are all together again, my son is another person, he has found his physical and psychological well-being and started smiling again “.

“Carlos is a unique and absolute pure soul in a world of impure. He has an above average IQ, loves knowledge and can talk about any subject.” Corona says proud of his son. And he continues: “He saved me from myself because he gave me stability, I need him to be well as he needs me. He advises me, controls me, keeps me in the rules”, he reveals.

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Carlos also has his say about his parents: “My dad is a determined, aggressive person, who puts character in everything he does. He has no preconceptions, he is very open. And, over time, he has become less impulsive. My mom, Nina Moric is a sweet person. In some moments she needs to be pampered, she is a bit fragile, because she has suffered so much “. The boy also told of his childhood marked by pain, and how religion and study were his lifeline. Now, with the age of majority, it is time for him to turn the page and enjoy some serenity with his finally reunited family …

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